{treat night}

So, we survived another Halloween!!  Conner was so excited, and we thought Logan was also……but we learned otherwise, until he changed his mind :-).  Conner was able to celebrate with a class party on Thursday, then a costume party at Karate that night.  The next day was a schedule free day with NO SCHOOL.  That night he and Dave went to the Jazz game with his Junior Jazz team —- he loved it!!  That left only Halloween day to carve and decorate pumpkins, and of course necessitated a visit to Grandpa & Grandma’s.  This is when Logan’s disdain of his costume roared (or should I say “buzzed”) it’s ugly head!

Over a month ago, when Logan’s costume arrived, he loved it!  That first night he wore it around for hours (wish we would have taken pictures then).  Ever since, he has talked about being a bee and telling us what a bee says.  Yesterday when the costume was brought out, a tantrum ensued —- “no bee, no bee!!”  He refused to put it on!!!  Once trick-or-treating time came around, I managed to bribe/distract him into putting it on.  From then on he didn’t miss a beat.  He LOVED, let me repeat, LOVED dragging his little pumpkin bag up the driveway to the house to get more candy.  At the first few houses, he tried to give a piece of candy back to get a new piece……didn’t take him long to catch on.

I took the boys out this year because it was a “warm” year!  I had a lot of fun with them!!  They had fun showing daddy their loot and spreading it all over the floor. The first thing Logan asked for this morning was a treat – he’s a Halloween fanatic.  And even though my camera happy husband took hundreds of pictures, he managed to NOT get even one of Conner dressed up in his recycled Yoda costume —- he looked just as cute as last year!


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