{lucky day}


I was just glancing through the pictures that Dave took during our “family photo shoot” last week (pictures coming soon), and saw this.  After pictures we went to dinner.  The word on this ice cream cone is NOVELTY, and that is exactly what it is to Logan.  The formal definition is: a new or unfamiliar thing.

About 10 months ago we learned that Logan is gluten-intolerant; so he doesn’t have celiacs disease, but eating gluten was seriously hindering his health.  Since we removed all gluten from his diet, he has come leaps and bounds.  His speech is still slightly delayed, but he doesn’t have a hacking cough constantly, he doesn’t sound like a pug dog, and he is alert and alive.  Until we made this discovery he was one ornery kid who cried most of the time, was always getting sick, and just wasn’t progressing.  Really, when I think back to that time I am amazed at his progress!  He is now a typical, happy, crazy, opinionated, thriving 2 year old.

Making this transition has not been easy.  Gluten is in many more things than bread and crackers (soups, sauces, licorice, etc.) so we have to be careful but we are learning.  I have been blessed to have a neighbor who has celiacs and she has taught me all her secrets; including how to substitute gluten-free (GF as we call it) flour for regular flour in almost everything.  And there are so many more resources available now — we are hopeful he will outgrow this intolerance, but if not at least we know how to deal with it and we have seen the value of honoring it!

P.S.  This ice cream cone is a serious No-no, but we were all worn out from the pictures and I just didn’t have the heart to fight him on it.  I have found that I need to be very prepared when we go out, so he doesn’t feel left out or like Conner is getting “better” stuff than him.


One thought on “{lucky day}

  1. This kid is stinkin cute. At least that’s what I think. Lucky his mom has so much patience and dedication that he gets food that doesn’t mess with his tummy. It takes a lot of work (and money, for that matter). Thanks Ambs

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