{super find}


Remember I said I found pictures on my camera . . . well, finding this next set reminded me what a great find I recently made.

Dave’s parents were with us over Labor Day weekend.  On that Monday all the boys headed to the Hill Air Force Base Museum.  The girls (AKA:  Mel & me) went shopping.  Our plan was to hit TaiPan, but I had a few errands to run on the way.  One of them was to Big Lots to see if they had the bug catcher that we had purchased there previously (Conner had lost his at a friends and was desperate for a new one).  After over an hour, we left Big Lots.  Not only with said bug catcher, but with some simply adorable Martha Stewart kits!!  We found kits for making pop-up cards, glitter cards, tissue paper flowers, puppet animals, pom-pom animals, and for these cute balloon animals:


We made these for Logan’s birthday and he loved them (remember his obsession with balloons)!  And we had fun making them (aka Conner, Mommy, Gramma & Lucian).  All pictures courtesy of Conner.

Each of these kits were $2 and contained 8-20 items.  I thought it was a steal and stocked up.  I am glad I did, because a few weeks later I went back for more and there were not many left.  I have utilized a lot of these already, but am saving some for a rainy day.  I’ve had quite a few people ask me where I found the cards I’ve given, or the tissue paper flowers so I thought I would share.  I absolutely LOVE great finds, especially when you are not planning on it :-)!


One thought on “{super find}

  1. Yeah for Big Lots! I found scrapbooking / cardmaking items there, as well. I love the great ribbons! Boy, do I LOVE a bargain and I have been able to put together fun gifts for friends who also love to make cards, etc.

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