{lunchbox saga: TAKE 2}


After a month of brown-bagging it, I decided to break down and buy Conner a super cheap insulated lunch sack (gotta love the Target dollar section).  Last Friday I surprised him with it —- you should have seen the look on his face.  He was SO excited!!  I must have reminded him 20 times that he needed to:
1) put it in the lunchbox basket after eating
2) bring it home

As he was getting out of the car at school, I reminded him once more!

When he got home that afternoon, he was SO excited to report that he had brought his new lunch sack home.  I was just as excited . . . . until I opened it and found a whole sandwich and 4 baby carrots completely uneaten.  This discovery led me and Dave to wonder:  WHAT DiD HE EAT?

So, now Conner gets 2 reminders in the morning.  First, to actually eat his lunch. And second to bring home the bag!  What will be next?


3 thoughts on “{lunchbox saga: TAKE 2}

  1. Caleb claims he doesn’t have time to eat his lunch. I know this can’t possibly be true since I also know they are not allowed to leave the lunch room for 25 minutes after they start eating (they have recess first and then lunch). We went for a few days where he only had the food I really wanted him to eat first… no cookie or dessert, no chips. He’s not bringing home the sandwich anymore so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

  2. I’m glad to hear that we’re not the only family with this problem. What ever happened to “you can’t leave the lunch room until your food is all gone”?

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