{partner in crime}


I feel this tribute is far past due!  The last few months have been difficult around the McNamee house . . . quite frankly, I am just not a “good” pregnant person.  It is a challenging 9 months for me; the first 4-5 months being the most challenging.  I ABSOLUTELY could not have survived the last few months without Dave (or my previous pregnancies for that matter)!!

He has continued to grow his new business and has had a lot of stress of his own in that department, and then carried the home load as well.  He was ALWAYS available when I needed him.  He took care of the boys — the most important job of all.  He fed them, took them where they needed to go, did homework, and became their favorite person.  He also took care of me by making sure I had what I needed (i.e. Sprite and fries from DQ or a Wendy’s baked potato were the only things that stayed down), letting me rest, and thanking me for gestating :-)!

I love having such a supportive, loving, and thoughtful hubby!  On the days he is not here and I have to run the show by myself, I find myself wondering how I will do it.  He does so much for me and the kiddos and we not only need and love him, but really appreciate him!

He really is an amazing guy…..lucky for me!


2 thoughts on “{partner in crime}

  1. I’m not sure I deserve such praise. I am happy to do what I can for my Ambs and the boys. I’m the lucky one. I have a wonderful wife. I love her!

  2. David learned a lot from his father. How to appreciate and honor his wife is definitely one of those things. It makes me happy to know that other people recognize Dave’s goodness. But then, maybe we are all prejudiced. 😉

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