{for sure — finally}

The big ultrasound was yesterday.

Baby was quite cooperative, and baby’s parents were very anxious to hear/see what the “official” verdict would be.

Would things be simple and would we just drag out the totes of boy stuff once again?

Would life get a bit more exciting by allowing us to shop on the “other side” of the stores?

Did we need to once again consider boy names?

Or could we begin considering girl names?

Would we be the parents to three sons, or two sons and a daughter?

So many thoughts…….so much anticipation.

Apparently it wasn’t as crucial to the ultrasound tech, so we patiently waited!


Those totes full of boy clothes will be shipped over to Megan & Ty for their new little guy.  They aren’t needed around here anymore.  We will begin shopping on the ‘other’ side; and we will attempt to curb our enthusiasm at having a baby sister!!!


7 thoughts on “{for sure — finally}

  1. Yeah. Congrats! Get ready for princess attire and sparkles. So much fun. I look forward to having you join me on the “other side” of the store. :o)

  2. Hooray!! So excited to see you with a daughter. Your boys will be so cute with her. And congrats to Megan & Ty on their boy–they are set with all your stuff!

  3. We had two boys and then Jill – and then Kim, Lynn, and Paige – so watch out! Really, nothing is better than to have both! Congrats to you and Megan.

  4. Dave and Amber… we’re so excited for you guys! You’ll have so much fun with a girl. It has been fun for us to watch Breck and Chase “ooh and ahh” over their new little sister.

    Vaughn and Melissa

  5. Congratulations! I have loved having a boy after two girls, so I am sure it will be fun the other way around. There is a definite differences between boys and girls, it is so fun to see.

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