{home bound}

I got to spend the whole day with this kid yesterday.


On Monday night Dave asked me if I had gotten used to Conner being gone all day.  I told him I was so used to it that I was worried the next day he may NOT be gone all day.  I had errands to run, cleaning to do, you know mom stuff…..and I knew if Conner was home most of those things wouldn’t happen.  Sure enough, Tuesday morning the sore throat and fever continued, so I had myself TWO buddies for the day.  The thing is, it wasn’t nearly as “awful” as I thought it would be.  Conner was so sick that he just layed around and then slept all afternoon.  He didn’t bug his brother; in fact he helped him more than usual (opening containers, holding things, etc.).  I hate seeing my kids sick, but he sure was sweet!

And today I miss him!


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