Last week and the prior weekend were busy.  Busy enough that I haven’t had time to sit down and share until now.   So, here’s a little rundown.

{LABOR DAY weekend (Fri-Mon)}

Gramma & Grampa Mac came up for a visit and we were busy.  We played games, mastered bowling on the Wii, shopped IKEA, visited the Bingham Copper Mine (for most of us, it was the first time and I would recommend it),  the boys headed to the Hill Air Force Base while the girls shopped, and then after G&G headed back we BBQ’d with the other G&G!


Were spent getting back to a schedule, starting 1st grade homework, and learning just how fun it is to pop bubbles.


Busy, busy day spent at several doctor’s appointments.  Most for my mom, but one for me as well.  I had my 17 week check-up and my midwife was nice enough to do an ultrasound since my mom was with me.  We’ll do the big 20 week ultrasound in just a few weeks, but in the meantime my midwife feels confident saying it is a girl.  Unfortunately, the baby was completely cooperating in its position……I’m too scared to be really excited :-)!
That night found us at Conner’s 4th karate test —- I’m pleased to announce, we are now parents to an amazing BLUE BELT!  He is now the highest belt among his class, and has fun teaching the new kids the ropes.collage

I spent the weekend at the 5th annual girls get-away.  My friends from high school and I go away every September for a weekend.  This was the first year we stayed for 2 nights and it was awesome!  We just did whatever we wanted . . . . saw a movie, played lots of games and guitar hero, crafted, ate & ate & ate, chatted like girls like to chat, sat around, shopped, and only worried about ourselves.
The only reason I was able to go was because my hubby was available to take over full-time.  And of course, the boys didn’t even miss me because Daddy made sure they had a great time!!  One of the highlights was building a pillow-fort and then watching a movie.



Now I’m anxious to catch-up on sleep, spend time with my kiddos and just have a much more relaxing week!


4 thoughts on “{yester-week}

  1. The is so exciting, a girl. I will cross my finger.

    Let me know when you plan next years HS trip. Brett owns me some vacation time and I plan on using it.

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