{where, oh where}


Conner survived his first week of 1st grade and is loving it!  His lunchboxes did not fair so well.  Conner managed to lose not 1, but 2 lunchboxes in the first 3 days of school!!  Really?!  I wish I could say I was surprised, but I guess deep down I’m really not.

Conner is a lot like his father…..which is not always a bad thing :-)!  He has a hard time focusing on the task at hand and is VERY easily distracted.  The lunch route is really quite simple:  eat your lunch, put your lunchbox in the basket with your teachers name, and go out to play.  Conner does not think in terms of steps.  He just ate his lunch and went outside!  We have checked with the office and lost and found every day and nothing.  Dave and I are certain that he just gathered up his trash and threw it all away, including his lunchbox!  Which leads me to wonder why there isn’t an adult standing near the trash for such an event (I remember the lunch duty standing at the trash to check your lunch — did you eat your veggies, or drink enough milk, etc.)?  Anyway, it’s no one fault but Conner’s.  He was really upset when he realized what had happened the second time and took all the steps to find it before coming home.  For now he is brown-bagging it.  Dave thinks I should make him bring home his brown bag for a week before I buy him a new lunchbox.  I knew this year was going to be full of learning experiences for Conner, just didn’t figure this would be one of them.  Oh, the adventures!


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