{1st day}


We’ve arrived…..today is the first day of first grade for my little guy!  I can hardly believe it.

Conner likes to sleep in (usually until 8:00-8:30), so I had told him last week it was his last week to sleep in.  Last night he decided he needed to be up by 7:30 so I told him I would wake him up.  The first day jitters got to him, and he was up by 7:04.  His teeth were brushed and his clothes on by 7:15 —- that means we had somewhat of a long morning.  It was so cute to watch him.  He couldn’t eat all his cereal because his stomach was nervous, and he had “nervous potty.”  He wasn’t visibly scared; just a little nervous and a little excited!

Dave took him in today and luckily many of his Kindergarten friends arrived at the same time, so that helped him feel a bit more relaxed!  It’s only been a few hours since he left, but Logan and I are already missing him.  Turns out today is an early-out day so we’ll get to see him sooner than normal; although I really wish they wouldn’t do early-out on the first day.  It would be nice, especially for first graders, to get the hang of the new schedule — tomorrow will be the REAL first day :-)!

We’ve definitely entered a new phase of life!  I’m excited for Conner and for all the experiences he will have!

a first day sneeze!

a first day sneeze!


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