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It seems like the discussion of traditions usually comes up around Christmas time.  I think we have all been asked to name one of our family traditions; and it seems like most answers relate to Christmas.  Which is fine, that is the time of year when traditions are important and heart-warming :-)!  I realized, yesterday, that the next time I am asked about a favorite family tradition I will mention July 23rd!  Yip, I said the 23rd; even though the 24th is the big Utah holiday!  But in the town I grew up in, they celebrate a day early with the world’s BEST fireworks display!

IMG_3134Our tradition goes as follows:

We meet at the local jr. high around 7:30-8:00.
Eat BBQ chicken pizza and homemade oreos.
We play games, run around and just have fun while waiting for dark.
Then we get in position to enjoy the amazing fireworks.  We always sit in the same place which puts us directly under the display but upwind – perfect!
Lastly, we fight the crowds and traffic to return home with very sleepy kiddos!

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We were a bit worried about Logan this year, because he was completely frightened of just the little street fireworks.  Once the show started, he grabbed his blankie and stuck his fingers in his mouth.  He laid there and watched the whole thing with NO reaction, but he didn’t cry (interesting side note: he actually sucked on the fingers of the opposite hand of normal, so we think he was a bit nervous)!

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Even though this is our yearly tradition, it just wasn’t the same this year.  First Ali was missing (as she’s studying abroad in Europe currently).  And of course there was the absence and concern of my mom.

UPDATE:  I have to start by saying Thank You for all your concern, emails, calls, and support!  We feel so blessed to have such amazing and supportive friends and family!

As of right now, my mom is still in the hospital and we still have no results.  Her samples have been sent off to Boston as they have nearly stumped the pathologist here.  If Boston can’t diagnose, we’ll ty MAYO clinic, Stanford, etc.  The pathologist and oncologist are leaning towards T-cell lymphoma, but it also could be any number of other lympathic diseases, or even an infection.  It is very important to get a correct diagnosis because if treated incorrectly, she could seriously affected.  It will probably be about a week until we know more!

As for mom; she is fairly miserable.  Today they removed her epidural to make sure painpills are going to be enough.  She also stopped draining out of her lungs, so they removed all those tubes.  She is feeling it all:  where the tubes were, the incision, and her lungs are very sore.  It’s hard to see her in so much pain, especially when she coughs – sounds awful!

She will most likely be coming home tomorrow, but she still has a long road in front of her!  As much as I want her to be and feel better, I just really want to know what we are dealing with and get going on “making her better.”  She has been promised in many, many Priesthood blessings that she will be healed so we have to focus on that hope and continue to have faith!


2 thoughts on “{traditionally}

  1. Amber, I hadn’t heard your Mom was in the hospital. What can I do? I’ll be praying for her and your family.

  2. I have been able to enjoy your wonderful July 23rd family tradition on a couple of occasions. Duane and I even talked about driving up and surprising you. But with all your worries and concerns about Kris we didn’t think it was a good time. Besides we will see you this week end.

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