It seems that since the temperatures are perfect for being outside, these guys want to get out and enjoy it!  I tell you what?  They are EVERYWHERE!  It also seems that I somehow manage to forget {every Summer} that this is the season for road construction, road closures, detours, you know —- all that fun stuff that manages to S L O W things down!

Just when I think I want to get outside and experience my world . . . I am brought to a screeching halt!

I even managed to get WAY too friendly with one of these guys going 70 down I-15 {story for another day} and my car bears the scars :-(.  Lest it is not clear – I am NOT a fan!!

Let this server as my reminder; in the dead of Winter when I am longing for Summer, I will remember, oh yes I will remember, that at least in the Winter I can drive wherever I want without interruption {well, as long as that frozen white stuff is cooperating :-)}!


One thought on “{honk}

  1. oh yes, remember how i was on the phone with you when this happened?? Nearly gave me a heart attack! i thought you hit another car.

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