{have i mentioned}

that Summer is here?  Well, not if you look at the weather {raining like cats & dogs and not even 60}, but someone {Conner} around here “graduated” from Kindergarten last week.  Someone else {Dave} around here was refusing to attend this event because it was termed a “graduation.”  For his benefit, we refer to it as a school program!  Never you mind that the children are wearing caps and received diplomas :-)!


I was totally amazed at the difference in Conner since his Preschool graduation just a year ago.

He sang really well.  Notice the head bop – super cute.

And he spoke his part perfectly – although it would have been nice if he were looking up.

He was lucky enough to have quite a support group:  Gramma & Grampa Mac, Grandpa Tanner, Ali, and of course his other 3 housemates.

Conner & Mrs. Holt (plus her daughter)

Conner & Mrs. Holt (plus her daughter)

Can’t believe next year he will be gone ALL day!



One thought on “{have i mentioned}

  1. I’m sorry, you don’t graduate from kindergarten. It’s kindergarten, for crying out loud. The term graduation should be reserved for events where actual official diplomas are handed out, like High School and College.

    I do have to say, however, that this was quite a program. Lots of singing and speaking. I quite enjoyed it. Conner did great.

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