{history making}

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this yet.

Logan started walking last week!  He is ONLY 20 months old, so he managed to be even one month slower than his brother.  We knew it would happen, but I was honestly beginning to wonder when?  I knew it had to happen before his second birthday and lo and behold it did.  He is still a bit shaky, but it’s pretty impressive and we are all VERY excited!!  I see it as an answer to countless prayers and fasts; and Priesthood blessings!  He has been such a happier kid since this latest development and I know he just feels so independent and not so frustrated.

Here is the before (AKA knee-walking):

And the current little cutie:
(can you hear his sticky feet on the floor?  I love that sound!  Oh, and the loud crunchy breathing is due to his current illness)


2 thoughts on “{history making}

  1. Yeah for Logan! That is exciting. All of a sudden he can walk, how nice. I wish all of a sudden Creed could talk? He is so cute and chubby, I love it!

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