It seems that word “Staycation” has become much more popular these days.  And frankly I don’t think it is all that bad of an idea.  With the holiday weekend, we decided to do something “fun” as a family since we weren’t going anywhere.  I suggested Antelope Island, but was shot down because since Dave flies over it all the time he claims there is nothing out there.  Last year we did the Eccles Dinosaur Park and that was really fun; but then it hit me:  we have yet to ride the Frontrunner with the kiddos!  And I heard if you ride it North there is a train museum to enjoy in Ogden.

I felt so urban as we parked the car and boarded the train.  It was strange to think that I needed to take everything that we could possibly need with us – the car was not going to be close by to run to.  And it really did feel like we were on a mini-vacation as we walked the streets of Ogden with no car to jump in.

We also did things that you would do on a vacation —- ate out, looked at all of the museum, took lots of pictures, bought something in the gift shop, etc.  It was a fun, fun staycation!  I think we’ll be taking more (the other great thing is everyone sleeps in their own beds)!

{riding the train}

{riding the train}


One thought on “{urban}

  1. Fun post! Just thought I’d let Dave know that Antelope Island is a fun place to visit. We went there with Amy and Tom and family. We saw tons of buffalo and the farm at the end of the road was fun, as well. Ask Amy about it.

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