I was able to go on my first (and last) Kindergarten field trip last week to the local farm!  It is just a short walk from the school and it was a beautiful day.  Younger siblings were invited so I decided we were in!  The actual farm visit was fine —- just what you would expect of 40+ Kindergartners:  lots of questions, running around and looking for trouble!  It was the walk to the farm that I would like to focus my attention on today.

The visit to the farm was actually during Logan’s nap time, so the only way to get him to the leave the house was if he could bring his green ball (just a small basketball thingy).  Fine, we brought the ball!  He held it as I transferred him to the stroller and continued to hold it as we waited for the kids to come out of their classroom.  As the entourage set off, we had to walk up a flight of stairs and a fellow mom helped me lift the stroller.  When we got up to the main road, I looked down at Logan and noticed his ball was missing.  My mistake was uttering this observance out loud so Conner could hear.  It sent him into a tizzy of a million questions:

“well, where is it?”
“is it lost?”
“do you know where you saw it last?”
“i really like that ball, can we go find it?”
“what are we going to do?”

You get the idea.  I told him we couldn’t worry about, we would just look for it on our way back and that is wasn’t a big deal.  Logan wasn’t upset and he shouldn’t be either.  Well, not only was he upset about it, but he was obsessed about it.  He wouldn’t stop talking about it and asking questions.  I finally stopped him and told him that he DID NOT need to worry about it.  He was just a kid going to the farm and he should just have fun with his friends; I told him that I am the Mom and was supposed to worry about things :-)!  That shut him up until we got to the farm when he asked one more time about it.  Then it was forgotten with the animals.

As we set off to return to the school, he reminded me that we needed to look for it.  Shortly after leaving, he ran ahead with his friends and I was in the back with the fellow moms of other small children.  When we made it back to the school, I yelled to Conner (across the parking lot) that I was going home and he would go home with his carpool.  What comes out of his mouth?  “Did you look for the ball?”  I told him I didn’t see it.  He got very disappointed!

At this point I figured we were done with the ball . . . . oh, I was wrong!  Fast forward to two mornings later.  Conner woke up at 6:30.  I am usually awake, but had slept in that morning.  He came into our room and I immediately told him it was way too early and to go back to bed.

“But Mommy I have to ask you a question, did you have the ball up by Logan or was it down by your purse?”

Is someone a bit obsessed?  ahhhhhhhh!  This is a story for the record books.

Those goats were anything but shy!

Those goats were anything but shy!

The horses were also super friendly!

The horses were also super friendly!

Logan enjoyed from a distance.  He loves animals that are far away!

Logan enjoyed from a distance. He loves animals that are far away!

The bunnies were excited and very patient!

The bunnies were excited and very patient!


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