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I’m only a day late and a dollar short . . . . . but

Happy Mother’s Day!

I have officially joined the “have some sort of homemade jewelry to wear on Mother’s Day” CLUB!  Conner made me this adorable pin at school and kept it a secret until he gave it to me Sunday morning!  It’s not only a fine piece of jewelry, but a great sorting tool —- any mom wearing a pin like mine has a Kindergartener, and then there are other pieces that I’m not familiar with yet.  We’ll see what next year brings; if I’m correct, I believe it is a tissue paper flower pin!

Conner kept asking why we don’t have a Kids day!  I informed him that every day is kids day, but it did make me realize that Sunday is certainly NOT the ideal day for Mother’s Day!  How much fun is it to get kiddos ready for church and then sit through 3 hours of church with them — not my idea of a relaxing day!  Luckily, my hubby and kids did a great job of treating me well and (for the most part) behaving!


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