We are huge Brian Regan (the comedian)fans, so I apologize if this is not familiar but he does this bit about visiting a Butterfly Pavilion with his kids.  They walk in and immediately an employee rushes up to them and says he will answer ANY questions they have regarding butterflies.  Well, of course he can’t think of a single question; even after a LONG pause to really wrack his brain.  He finally blurts out, “does this one eat?” (Obviously it is much funnier when you’re actually listening to it)!

Until a few weeks ago, I probably would have done the same thing.  Really what questions are there about butterflies?  Well, since we currently have 4 butterflies living in our house, I can’t stop thinking of questions about these mysterious creatures (are they insects being my first one?)!

Rewind to last Fall; Conner’s best little friend moved to the next town over so he brought Conner a present.  This present was a butterfly house.  The instructions were to send away for caterpillars in the Spring and then watch the transformation.  As soon as the weather was warm enough, we sent away for those little critters and mom (me) forget about it.  Then……one day a box arrived in the mailbox that said “Live Caterpillars Inside.”  Oh, the excitement!  It consisted of a small plastic cup containing 5 black caterpillars.  We watched them everyday for a few weeks.  They grew bigger and furrier and then eventually they all made the ascent to the top of the cup and worked their magic to become 4 chrysalis’ (yip, we lost one along the way).

We continued following the instructions which meant removing the chrysalis’ and pinning their disk to the inside of the actual butterfly house.  Then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I was beginning to think they had all died and I was going to have a very upset 6 year old.  But then we experienced the magic of nature — and over a week’s time we had ourselves 4 butterflies to take care of.  I’m really bummed that we missed every single one of their “births” even though we were watching super closely!  As I watch, listen and feed (sugar water dropped on wadded up tissue,s of all things) them from day to day I find myself fascinated.  So much so, that we may have to perform this little experiment again; and seeing as our butterflies are currently 50 years old (they only live about 2 weeks)  I may learn more the second time around.


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