{did you?}


So, the other day as we were preparing to head out of town, I sat the boys down (in front of the TV….what can I say, I needed a babysitter) to eat lunch.  I was upstairs packing and working on the last minute details.  I yelled down to Conner and asked him if they were doing okay.  He said they were fine, with that tone of not really paying attention, just watching the TV and responding to mom.  So, I asked him if Logan had enough food.  A few seconds later he responded that he did.  As I turned to go back to my business, he yelled to me:

“Hey mommy, did you give him a knife?”

He said it so nonchalantly that I almost didn’t catch what he said…..then I realized what he HAD said.

“Uhm, no could you please take it away from him!”

It was hilarious to me!  I love that kid!


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