{more than words}


This post is dedicated to my friends who are bored at work and need something to look at – you know who you are!

We survived Spring Break, but were left wondering how we will survive Summer Vacation :-)!  We were able to spend the latter half of the break with our family down South!  Since pictures really do speak louder than words – enjoy:


Our hike to the Emerald Pools was so great!  The kids loved it; Conner still talks about it being his favorite thing!  And Logan absolutely LOVED riding in the backpack – he did not want to get out.  The adults enjoyed conversation, though frequently interrupted :-)!



The rain moved in on Saturday, so we enjoyed an indoor Egg Hunt!  So fun to see their excitement to find eggs, of all things!


Doesn’t get any cuter!  The thing that made the trip even better was the drive to and fro . . . Logan did MUCH better than expected and Daddy got to enjoy the thrill of climbing over seats and fetching whatever was needed!


3 thoughts on “{more than words}

  1. Thanks for posting to give us office workers something to break up our day. :o) I love the pictures. I can’t believe how big Logan is getting.

  2. Stinkin’ CUTE boys. Thanks to my friend Sam for letting us borrow the baby backpack. That thing is sweet. It was a good trip, good to see the fam.

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