{oh, the things}


I’m back from a weekend of intent listening (yeah right with two kids); although I do feel like I learned a lot from this General Conference. and from playing nurse to the sicklings!  They are both doing a bit better, but I’m glad we’re on Spring Break so Conner can just take it easy.

One of the “tools” I use at least once (probably more) everyday is now a word in the dictionary – GOOGLE!  I love it.  I can google how to make something, how to fix something, where to find something, comparison shop, etc.  I love that other people take the time to share their findings and thoughts on this WWW because just this weekend I learned how to make mini tarts with puff pastry (thanks to YouTube) and in the past we have learned that it wasn’t normal that Dave’s heating and cooling control panel wasn’t lighting up – apparently it was a common problem among other folks with the same car.  Instead of paying way too much to have it diagnosed at the dealer, we learned how to simply change the light bulb – fun!   Yip, it’s been a great tool to have around; and besides isn’t everything you read on the Internet true:-)!


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