Today’s tool(s) you cannot buy!

The first is my youngest sister, Ali.  She let me know that I have had a fair amount of typos in my last few posts (don’t bother looking, I think i fixed them all).  Nice of her to help keep me looking {ahem…} professional!

Secondly, the best tool a mother can have is that of “mother’s intuition.”  I don’t know where it comes from, but it seems to magically appear when that first child enters the world.  Conner has been suffering from a sore throat for over a week.  He also experienced a headache (which he never had before).  Then early this week a wee bit of a rash appeared on his little bummy.  Since the first day of sore throat, I had a gut feeling that it was strep throat.  Of course I didn’t want to seem like the over-cautious parent and take him into the doctor at the first sign of a problem, so I waited and hoped that it would all go away.  As all the new symptoms appeared, I knew we had a problem.  And once again, I felt in my gut that I should get him checked out.  Fast forward to this morning.  He could barely sit up to eat breakfast, his eyes were red and he was HOT (103).  I knew I had been right all along and we weren’t putting it off anymore.  One visit to the InstaCare later, we have ourselves some amoxicillin and a boy with strep throat.  ARGH….why didn’t I listen to my intuition earlier and prevent the suffering my little boy had to endure?  No matter, I am still grateful that I had the thought and that I am so in tune with my chickaroos!

P.S.  Any typos?  (most likely)


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