{what stain?}

We all have things that we pride ourselves on . . . right?  Well, I pride myself on always being able to get rid of stains in my laundry  Really, it almost doesn’t make me mad when the kids get a monster stain on something, because I know I will be able to remove it :-)!  Some are harder than others, but I’ve been known to remove mustard, squash, pen, chapstick (yes chapstick that went through the dryer), baby spit-up, mud, poop, and today throw-up.  Not sure what happened, but I went in to get Logan out of bed this morning and there was throw up all over his bed, his jammies, himself, etc.  He’s been fine since, so maybe he gagged in the night or something, but anyway as I type all sweet potato stains have been removed.   I owe this “magical” power in large part to this awesome product which they sale at Costco in HUGE bottles:

product_triggerMy last secret:  don’t dry anything with a stain.  Once it’s been dried it’s set, so I leave things out and some need a second pretreat and wash (or even a third)!


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