{from east to WEST}

New York in the Fall and now LA in the Spring . . .

Dave and I just enjoyed a much needed vacation to So. Cali!  We were in the Santa Monica area and had a fabulous “break.”  Thanks to Aunt Iya and her willingness to take care of the kiddos, we got away!  Not that it was all peaches and cream at the homestead; let’s just say there is ONE word that could describe her stay:  POOP!  Apparently Logan came down with the runs and so needless to say, she was broken in rather quickly!  She handled it well and would like to be a spokesperson for NO teen pregnancy!  It was all put in perspective when I called her one night and she said how exhausted she was.  She didn’t realize how much effort one puts out to take care of children and how you just give and give all day.  I realized how NOT tired I was on my trip, because I was only worrying about myself – how refreshing :-)!

We were able to go and do a lot:
{Attending the LA Temple}
{Drive through Malibu – now Dave wants to move there}
{Shopping – it must be done}
{Visiting with family . . . we had a great time and certainly appreciate the hospitality}
{Hollywood walk of Fame, Kodak Theater, Grauman Theater}
{Griffith Observatory and the famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign}
{Getty Center – absolutely amazing}
{Walks on the pier}
{Oh, and we were in the audience of the “Bonnie Hunt Show.” Our back-up to getting into “Ellen” but we did see ourselves for a few seconds}

laGreat to get-away, but nice to get back!  Looking forward to the next time!


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