Dave’s been asking where his post is?

This last week I have found I have SO many things to be grateful for, so here is my list:

{Missionaries} – We were able to have the Sister Missionaries over for dinner last week.  Even though it was more work than I would normally expend on a Monday night :-), it was fun to have them, hear their stories, and have Conner see them up close and personal.  The reason I am grateful for the missionaries is that they are “SO missionary.”  They are just on a different planet than the rest of us, and I am so glad that there are those out there who are SO passionate and excited about sharing their message.  It gave me an added boost of passion and desire to share what I know and love.  Oh, and as a side note neither one of them were sad or disappointed to get called to Utah :-)!

{Friends} – I am lucky enough to have a great group of friends who gather once a month to enjoy one anothers company and food!  Most of us don’t see each other in between, and it never ceases to amaze me that we can just come together and pick up where we left off.  It is always a good time and I must pat us on the back as we have been friends since high school (and some even longer)!  Not only that, but I am surrounded by such amazing friends.  Sometimes I take them for granted, but every once awhile something will come up and I will need them, their advice and support and it reminds me how lucky I am!  This last week was one of those times – you know who you are and I love you!

{Home} – For mutual last week we went with the YM to help the Road Home.  They are transforming an old hotel into a permanent homeless shelter.  We were able to help them stock the rooms for the future guests.  Basically each room has been transformed into a mini-apartment (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom).  We put dishes, pillows, lamps, etc. in each room.  Every time I walked in a room, I would count my blessings that I have a home of my own.  This current time in our country is very humbling  . . .  it is reminding me what is really important.  I don’t need to consume, buy, and not think before shopping anymore.  And it is especially humbling to realize that we have a comfortable home and really everything we need!

{Calling} – Serving in the YW program can certainly be a roller coaster ride :-)!  I mean we are working with teenagers after all!  This last Sunday we had our New Beginnings.  It was simply amazing!  I left there totally edified and with a new zest for serving!  We have so many awesome Young Women, and they are for the most part trying to do what is right!  I also have the opportunity to serve with some outstanding, creative, talented, and spiritual women – I am so lucky!  I am including some pictures of that night.  I was in charge of the “fluff” AKA the decorations!  I had an idea in my head, but it was brought to pass thanks to a 30lb box of conversation hearts (for a screaming good deal)!  It was fun to put together, and even more fun that it went along with our theme for the night!



It was a crazy, busy, stressful and yet rewarding week!  I feel like I grew a lot this last week and I guess sometimes we have to go through hard times to come out stronger on the other side :-)!  I’m planning for this week to be much more relaxing . . . and we’re off to a great start – Conner went  to the dentist and his teeth are in great shape!


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