{party season}


Today begins what we lovingly refer to as BIRTHDAY SEASON in our house!  Today’s my day . . . . Friday is Dave’s!  I plan on doing whatever I want today mixed with being a responsible mother 🙂 and spending some time alone with my hubby!  Last year marked the beginning of my thirties.  I didn’t mind entering this new decade, but I plan on making my second year in my thirties much better – part of my aforementioned plan of living my best life.


5 thoughts on “{party season}

  1. Happy 31st!! I’ve been thinking of you this morning! I hope it’s a wonderful day and an even better year. And Happy Birthday to Dave coming up!

    So, guess what–I am coming to UT this week! It was a last minute back and forth decision but I’ll be there on Wed through Mon. (And it’s just me & the kids.) We’d love to come and see you guys at some point–during one afternoon, evening or whatever. I’ll call you!

  2. Happy Birthday to both of you! It was Mark’s 40th yesterday. Hope you have a good day – I remember when you were born!

  3. Happy Birthday, Amber! I’m so glad you put this reminder on your blog, since I never remember which day in January is your birthday. Best wishes for an awesome year for you, Dave, and your cute family!

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