* Rockin’ Eve *

It’s done and over :-)!  The decorations are down (thanks to my employee), the tree waits in the yard for that special tree pick-up day, and new toys don’t have homes yet, but are definitely being enjoyed!  Christmas Eve was spent with my family and  we rocked it out on Guitar Hero,  while eating amazingly wonderful food!  Check it out:


Out little Santa!


Conner and Ty (with the help of Gramma and the criticism of nearly everyone else) spent the afternoon constructing this beauty!


Dad's first attempt - he is NOT the expert player that his youngest daughter is (Ali spent her Freshman year playing Guitar Hero)!


Aunt Ali was nice enough to write an awesome treasure hunt for the boys to go on, it even rhymed. At each stop Conner had to do something to get the next clue - it was so fun!


At the end of the hunt, the treasure was revealed - the annual Pjs and ornaments I give the kids. Logan just liked the tissue paper :-)!


Does it get any cuter?


After arriving home, the wait was on! Conner couldn't wait to get in bed so Santa could come (maybe Santa should come on a weekly basis)!


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