* Calling All Cooks *


I’m looking to spice up tradition this Christmas and would love hear what your Christmas breakfast traditions are.  Recipes would be welcome!

Growing up, we always had cinnamon rolls and that very popular sausage mushroom casserole.  Turns out no one really liked that casserole.  The last few years family has been coming to our house Christmas morning, so I’ve tried a few other casseroles/quiches and now I make my favorite pull-apart recipe.  We still continue to enjoy my dad’s homemade hot chocolate.

I know whatever we have it will be fun and delicious – it’ Christmas after all and that is not the time to skimp :-)!


One thought on “* Calling All Cooks *

  1. Well all we do is some sort of a sweet roll and then something with egg or ham. Much like you mentioned. But a couple of years we actually made belgium waffles. With all the fixings. Like fresh fruit, whipping cream or syrup. It was fun. Let us know what you come up with?!

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