* Looking In *



These are the nativities I let Conner unpack and set up.  I thought it interesting that they both ended up looking like this.  Notice the similarity?  Everyone is lined up looking inward – not how we typically set up the Nativity scene.  But it made me think . . . . are we spending this Christmas looking inward?  Are we thinking about our true thoughts, actions and intentions?  Or do we just put on a show?   And as we focus inward is it on our Savior?

Tomorrow is our Combined YW Christmas lesson.  As leaders we are sharing our testimonies of Christ by focusing on these questions: 
Each of us is an innkeeper who decides whether or now there is room for Jesus.
How will you make room in your heart for Jesus this year?
What gift will you give him?

I’m excited to see how the girls take to and really consider these questions.  It has certainly made me think about my own intentions and what I could give my Savior this year.

{And there you have DEEP THOUGHTS by Amber :-)}


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