* Capture *

A few months ago Dave informed me he was buying his Christmas present – a “fancy” (his words, not mine) camera.  He has been pretty obsessed with taking pictures of everything lately as he messes around with the settings.  The other night he arrived home from work, quickly walked in the door past all of us, grabbed his camera and disappeared back outside.  He returned after taking these:



….not too shabby, but something tells me he will be getting something else for Christmas (funny how that happens when you say something is for Christmas).

Also, now that it is official I can discuss it.  Dave was released as Elders Quorum President on Sunday.  After more than 3 1/2 years in this position, he was ready to move on – but we don’t know to what quite yet.   The day he was released the entire Stake Presidency met with us and they each had something very complimentary to say about Dave and his service.  I thought that was very nice for each of them to set aside time to be there.  Dave was pretty sad that day.  He was excited to be released, but was emotional about not serving these men he had come to know and care about so much in the last few years.  By this Sunday he was giddy with excitement about no more meetings, and just getting to go to Church no strings attached.  I’m excited because it means Dave gets to worry about Logan during church and it also means I will be able to focus a bit more energy and time to my Young Women.  We have a very unique group of girls and there are a lot of them, so I do feel like they need some special attention and now I give more than I was able to before.  We’ll see what they have in store for Dave  . . . kind of scary not knowing :-)!


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