* Ode to a Bubby *

This has been a milestone of a week for my little Bubby (14 months old).  As my previous post mentioned, he started crawling on Tuesday.  I also noticed that day that his nose was starting to run, as was his mouth.  The next day he was very ornery and clingy and I happened to glance in his mouth and saw not one, not two, but four teeth poking through.  It’s been a long few days for everyone :-)!  But I’m so excited for him to get these teeth; now he’ll be able to eat even more of a variety of foods.  I thought I would post a few pictures of my baby and include some of his quirks and funniness!


Finding anything and everything to get into - we LOVE it!


His favorite food of all time - BLUEBERRIES! Every morning he has blue hands and a blue mouth!


Love seeing him in this crawling position - he's growing up a little too fast!


His favorite thing of all time - his blankie! He loves to rest his head on it and suck on his fingers. He'll even lay it on the floor and bend completely over to do this (so flexible)!

We think his next big milestone should be growing some hair :-)!


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