* Joy to the WORLD *

For some reason I’m just not feeling the usual Christmas spirit this year.  I literally only put up half my decorations and ornaments, I let Conner decorate the family room trees and didn’t even fix them when he went to school, and I just kind of want it to be over.  I usually love this time of year, and especially with kids it is so much more fun and even magical.  These are the causes that I have determined may be causing this bah-humbugness :-):  There is so no snow.  I don’t actually love the snow, but it certainly helps it feel like Christmastime.  There is no peppermint ice cream to be found.  That is usually a staple in my fridge from late November to February.  Even though I really wouldn’t eat the ice cream right now (working on weight loss), it makes me happy just seeing it in the freezer.

None of these are excuses for simply changing my own attitude and just jumping right into Christmas.  We hear this all the time, but Christmas isn’t about what’s under the tree and when I saw this video I was reminded of our Savior whom we celebrate at this time.  He is the light, life, and hope of the world and he can bring JOY to one and all.

Joy to Everyone
(I can’t get the video to play here, so you’ll have to visit the website)


2 thoughts on “* Joy to the WORLD *

  1. thank you for that message amber. i saw the video of your little boy crawling. what a darling little thing. my little gus just started walking a month ago…he was 18 months. hope you are well!

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