* Christmas Miracle *

Today is a very big day in the little McNamee family.  Logan started crawling!!  He is 14 months old and we have been waiting patiently (some more patiently than others) for this day to come.  Conner has been praying for months that Logan would learn to crawl and today his prayers were answered. This “lateness” in crawling and therefore walking is just a trait of being a McNamee.  Conner crawled at 12 months, walked at 19 months.  Dave walked at 18 months.  I started walking about 15 months, so Logan has us all beat so far but we’re not worried :-)!  He has the cutest little crawl – he almost crawls twice on the left side and then when it seems his right leg is getting left behind, he pulls it forward and is on his way.  Just today he has unloaded the lower shelves of the bookshelf 3 times, removed ornaments from Conner’s Christmas trees, and left fingerprints all over the glass door.  It’s worth all of it to have him moving around!


2 thoughts on “* Christmas Miracle *

  1. You have the cutest kids! I love reading your blog. I was talking to my mom the other day about neighbor gift ideas for Christmas and I remember your mom making a really good popcorn with chocolate and other stuff in it one year. I wish I could remember it better. I remember it being really good though. Do you by chance know the recipe that I am talking about, or if you have a fabulous neighbor gift idea.

    Thank you,


  2. Logan is so dang cute. His eyes, his smile. I love his striped pj’s. Yay for the crawling, what a “perfect” time of year to start that. At least once a week Creed goes wild with the ornaments, hides them, breaks them, yankes them off the tree. Fun times.

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