* Aaaaamazing *

In the past 2 days I have heard more praise and nice things said about Dave than probably ever before.  The first place was at a clients Christmas party (at Sundance where the food was way too good).  This praise was just offered as Dave was being introduced to people or as he was introducing me.  I am so grateful for a husband who works very hard and does such a good job at what he does that others WANT to praise him.  He also received praise in another aspect of his life (can’t share that right now) which wasn’t necessarily necessary, but very much appreciated by both him and I.  I always knew I had an AMAZING husband, but now I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.


We were able to celebrate my mom’s birthday and my sister-in-law, Lisa’s birthday yesterday.  As I sat watching my family, including Ali who drove down just for dinner and my Grandma and Aunt, I felt so blessed to have such AMAZING people in my life.  They are all so giving and loving.   We all get along very well and enjoy being with each other – I love it!



On Friday night (while it was still relatively warm) we took the kids and ventured out to Temple Square to enjoy the lights.  Although there weren’t nearly as many lights as in years past, it was still quite a sight.  And even though I don’t love the snow and a few other aspects of living in Utah, I realized how blessed I am to live in a place that is so beautiful and tied closely to my religion.   I feel safe here, and I feel like overall Utah is a conservative and positive place to be.  Dave accuses me often of living in a little bubble, and honestly I am perfectly happy living in my little bubble known as Utah.




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