* We’re Here *

Welcome, welcome to our new blog,
We sure to hope you like it here.
(To the tune of Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning).

Anyway, now you know where to keep up on the happenings of the McNamee Family.   Since I last posted, Conner has started Karate.  This is something Dave and I considered putting him in for awhile now, but felt it was important especially right now because he seems to have a bit more aggression.  I mean he is a 5 year old boy, but he has always been pretty even-kilned so we are hoping if we give him an outlet and an opportunity to learn a structured aggression it will help him.  Once he gets his Gii I will take a picture, I just know it is going to be cute!


Logan is still the cutest kid around.  We love his adorable babbling, his ability to tell us what sound a car makes, that he can fold his arms for prayers, and that he gets closer to crawling every day.  Logan is so aware of what is going on around him, and he is so fun to play with!


We are getting excited to go South for Thanksgiving to visit G&G and cousins!   I heard on the radio today an announcer read the original speech Abraham Lincoln gave when he declared Thanksgiving a holiday.  I loved that he had the wisdom to set aside a day for us to just think about all we have to be thankful for.  I believe we all need to take time out and just be GRATEFUL!  We are so blessed.  Conner was asked at the last minute to give the scripture in Primary today.  He memorized the whole thing, here it is:

“1 Thessolonians 5:18 – In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.”

I know that all we are given is through God.  I know He loves us and watches over us!  Have a Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving!


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