* And the award goes to . . . . *

It hit me today how talented my little family is. I mean really, we are a bunch of amazingly gifted people (lest you think I am prideful, please read on). Here are just a few incredible examples, you tell me who should win the award.

* Logan is able to read a book while his diaper is being changed and while being dressed, he even switches hands so he can constantly look at the book when one arm is needed.

* I am able to do yoga while playing catch with a balloon with Logan (probably defeats the purpose of yoga).

* Dave gets ready every morning to the light of a nightlight (even shaves). He does this as a favor to me – I tell him the light won’t bother me, but he insists.

* Conner can get completely ready for the day in 10 minutes. That includes getting dressed, making his bed, brushing his teeth, and putting away his pajamas. He is, however, timed by his mama with a consequence if the time is not met :-)!

* Our little Logie can gag, and sometimes subsequently throw up on a dime. Especially if the texture of his food changes, or if he crams too much of a good thing in his mouth!

* Conner is somehow able to bring home cups of sand in his shoes and pants from recess.

Come one people, you can’t tell me you’re not impressed! This is just a few of the many (ridiculous) examples!


One thought on “* And the award goes to . . . . *

  1. What an amazing group of people. Don’t forget Amber’s ability to pretend she is asleep when she thinks it’s too early to get up in the morning.

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