* Death & Destruction *

Okay, there’s been no death (but it sure does sound Halloweeny, doesn’t it?)! But there has definitely been destruction! After nearly 2 years in this house, we decided to do some of the things we have wanted to do all along. Planted in our front yard were 3 Aspen trees. Known for their very quick growth rate (which is great for shade), but also for their EXTREMELY obnoxious shoots and starts. We had some Aspens in our last house and hated everything but the shade they provided and learned that the earlier they are dug up the better. I tried to convince Dave to pull them out 2 years ago, but here we are today just getting around to it. Because we waited, they have put up a fight. Dave has spent the day digging out their stumps, with MUCH effort! I’ll post pictures of our new tree soon. Although it won’t provide as much shade for a few years, we are very happy to have this project done!

Here is the BEFORE!!

During…..what is it with men and chainsaws?

And if the AFTER….if you look closely you’ll see the 3 stumps (bad lighting, sorry)!

While Dave spent the day outside fighting trees. I was inside dealing with new carpet being laid, the layer of dust left over, and the misplacement of furniture! LOVE the new carpet. love it, love it, love it! We hated the carpet in this house, but decided to put up with it. Unfortunately our family room didn’t hold up very long. The pathway from the garage to kitchen is well utilized and the carpet wasn’t hiding anything, so we were able to replace the family room carpet. Hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll do the rest of the house. It’s on the list (the very long list that seems to come with home ownership)!

I am far too embarrassed to post any BEFORE shots, but here’s the AFTER (w/out furniture)!

Logan LOVED having the whole empty room to himself and his ball!

On a less stressful note! Conner and I were able to carve 2 pumpkins. One for him and one for Logan – notice the resemblance?

We’ve got a long night ahead of us. Tomorrow we should have a new tree planted & furniture to sit on in the family room (maybe even in a new arrangement)!


2 thoughts on “* Death & Destruction *

  1. Amber, you are so cute! How fun to have new carpet! That is great your husby is taking care of the trees! Rick just took down three at our place a couple of weeks ago–they were mostly dead. It was a lot of work. I got to help pull them down with the rope as he cut. Ooh, fun!
    Cute pumpkins too! You are such an amazing mom!

  2. Uggg. We have trees to take out too. I do not look forward to it. Ok, let’s be honest. I know Jeff is not looking forward to it. It pays to be a girl sometimes. What carpet did you get? It looks very similar to ours!

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