* Big Apple *

I’m back, I survived, and had a great time! Although 4 days in New York definitely wore me out! Here’s a quick run down. Last Halloween as some neighborhood friends and I were walking around with the trick-or-treaters, we discussed the possibility of going to NY! Many of us had new babies but figured if we planned for a year away they would all be old enough to leave. One thing led to another and the planning for this trip began. A gal in my ward works for a company that tours many places in the country; they actually accompany high school bands, or other groups when they go on trips and show them around. So she was put in charge of planning our adventure. Just a handful of us had originally discussed it, but we opened up the invite to anyone. A few weeks into it there were 27 people who wanted to go (only about 10 from the neighborhood, we also had friends, moms, sisters, moms-in-law, aunts, etc.)!

Last Wednesday night we took off on our adventure by taking the red eye. No one slept very well, but somehow we were all ready to go. Below are some pictures. I didn’t end up taking very many….it just wasn’t that kind of trip, plus I have been to NY before. The last time I went we actually stayed in the Marriott at the Twin Towers so it has been awhile!

Even though we had an enormous group, we all ended up breaking into smaller groups and just finding our way around and doing what we wanted. That made it much more manageable and fun! I was lucky enough to be with my peeps Jenny & Kathy. We had the BEST time together, catching cabs, figuring out the subway, laughing, and shopping til we couldn’t even walk!

Our first stop. We arrived a little late to see Matt or Meredith, but enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes of the TODAY show! See my cute little bangs as they are curling in the humidity :-)! I tell you……luckily this was the only humid day!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – it was so amazing! We actually went to Mass on Sunday, not to this cathedral but another closer to Central Park. That was quite an experience. Made me appreciate, and value my religion a little bit more.

Can’t go to NY without seeing something Donald Trump owns….here I am in Trump Tower. What I thought was interesting was the “garden” they have a few floors up in this building. It is outside, but tiny by our Utah standards. Puts things in perspective and makes you appreciate the large open spaces we have.
I was SO EXCITED to see this. I’ve been hearing about it for years, and it did not disappoint! Luckily we had been able to take a short nap that afternoon so we could stay awake! If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do when it comes here next year!
The following night we saw Lion King, which I LOVED just as much. And I think Conner would also enjoy it. The costumes are unbelievable! Another one I would recommend.
We decided to fore go the Statue of Liberty since all you can do it walk around her. Last time I visited we were lucky enough to go to the very top of the torch…..times have changed. This is Kathy and me at Ellis Island. While we were there, a few school groups came and I was struck with how lucky they are to actually be able to visit these kinds of places. Most of us just have to read about them in books.

The famous bull near the Financial District! This is quite a popular tourist attraction – not sure why! We spent most of this day in Chinatown bartering our little hearts out. It is hilarious how that whole system works. Going in back rooms and pretending to hide the fact that they are selling knock-offs. The three of us had a great time with it, we did not let those Asians walk all over us, plus we found some great stuff!

The Empire State Building. It was freezing and windy, but you have to do it!
We literally spent the rest of the day shopping. I have never shopped so much in my life and had so much fun doing it! We were beyond worn out and even paid $5.30 to have a cab drive us around the block (there were a bunch of one-way streets, so we literally could have taken 10 steps to the next street and saved ourselves 5 bucks. Instead we laughed hysterically all the way home)!

This is just a short synopsis of everything we did. I really couldn’t believe how much we fit in each day – the days seemed longer or something. I can’t wait to go back and see everything else. Plus the weather was so nice. It was just a bit brisk, but it never rained so it was definitely manageable. Like I said, I had such a wonderful time and a large part of that is because my sweet hubby took time off work to care for the boys at home. I knew they were in good hands, so I was able to relax and take a break. I didn’t realize how much I needed a break until I was there. I honestly didn’t even miss my kids, but I was certainly excited to see them. I think this should become an annual tradition – not sure what Dave would think of that :-)!

3 thoughts on “* Big Apple *

  1. Welcome home! Your trips sounds like it was a lot of fun. I loved
    NYC also when I went. I didn’t realize that you couldn’t go up the Statue of Liberty anymore. I guess it is a good thing that was something I did when I was there. How fun to go with a bunch of friends…what a great idea.

  2. How fun, Amber! I think it’s so awesome you have such fun, spontaneous friends! If you do it next year, and it’s still open to whomever–count me in! 🙂 I’d love to go! I’m glad you had so much fun and fit so much in!

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