* Peek-a-boo *

Logan has just recently learned how to participate in the game of peekaboo. He always enjoyed us hiding our faces and then saying peekaboo to him, but now he can do it himself. His favorite time to do it is in the high chair. He picks up his little container of goldfish and holds it in front of his face, we ask where Logan is, and he lowers it and just laughs. It’s beyond cute! Sometimes he doesn’t hide his eyes, but we always play along.

This new game got me thinking…..let’s play adult peekaboo. I know I am guilty of looking (is spying a better word?) at blogs and enjoying reading about someone and then moving on. How fun would it be to hear from every person who visits my blog? So, go ahead leave a comment and say “BOO”! I’d love to hear from you. I will be away from my blog & computer for a few days so now is your chance.

Don’t be shy . . . and I promise to return the favor!


10 thoughts on “* Peek-a-boo *

  1. This is my absolute most favorite blog in the whole wide internet. Boo to you lady, good work. It gives me something really fun to look forward to! As I always say, “where’s my post?” πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, I don’t leave many comments. But I enjoy keeping up with your family!

    I’ve thought about one of your posts a lot, the one regarding homemade baby food. With Jacob I made almost all of his food, with Allison more store-bought jars were used, and with Gideon–while I still have good intentions to make some batches for him–I have to admit to myself that he’s only eaten store-bought baby food. And I’m sure all our kids will turn out just fine, regardless of who makes their food πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, Am:
    i love reading your blog. It’s always so fun! You have such a cute family and you’re so talented and make neat things! Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, and Boo!
    Hugs, Janice

  4. BOO!! We’re up in Seattle for Kate Olson’s baptism. It’s Ashley’s birthday today and Kate’s birthday tomorrow and Julie’s birthday on Tuesday. Party on! Love your blog!

  5. Well, I admit to always checking to see what “Am and Her Little Fam” has to say! So boo to you and keep them coming! You always have such good ideas for things to write about – very interesting and I have learned a lot from my neice! Aunt B.

    I enjoy your blog very much. It’s always fun and clever. Hope NYC was great. I wanna hear about it!

  7. Boooo! I’m so glad you put your pumpkins on your blog. But you do appear just a little bit obsessive. We missed you while you were in NYC.

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