* Never enough *

I’m a fan of the Ellen show, although I strongly considered never watching again when she went on and on about her wedding this Summer. That aside, last season she mentioned that she thought glitter should be banned. Her thoughts included that glitter sticks to everything. Even when you think it’s gone, it has made its home somewhere else on you. Also, the fact that it shows up when you least expect it, like on a birthday card, and then it’s stuck to you. She went so far as to say that if you want to use glitter, you should be banned to use it only in a confined environment. I tend to agree with her, glitter is quite obnoxious. However, you absolutely need glitter to make these amazing addictive little pumpkins.

These pictures are from round 2 of making glitter pumpkins. My sisters, mom and I did them over the weekend and I was very close to running to the craft store to pick up more pumpkins. I refrained, but may have to teach my mother-in-law and sis-in-law, they’ve not experienced it yet and it would serve my addiction :-)!

Here’s how to do it, and I would recommend you only do it if you can make yourself stop. They are a great thing to do as a GNO, and you will love the result:

• Ultrafine Glitter
• Craft pumpkins
• Paintbrush
• Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (we just used craft glue and it worked great)
• Tray for adhesive
• Spoon
• Paper Plate

Pour glue into tray, add 1 to 2 drops of water to thin slightly. Then coat pumpkin with glue. While glue is wet, white and shiny, spoon on glitter. Tap off excess glitter (you will be surprised how little glitter is actually required). Let dry for at least an hour. Tap again to remove any additional glitter and coat well with aerosol hairspray.


3 thoughts on “* Never enough *

  1. okay, little miss creativity.
    i hate glitter as well, but these look neat.
    so… WHEN are we going out to lunch or something. talk to your mom. she mentioned us four going to lunch or something like that.

  2. Crazy lady with the glitter and the pumpkins. It’s like you said, it looks like someone came and barfed Halloween decorations all over our house. (really, they are nice and festive)

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