* Young Yeller *

Okay, here’s the thing (as my husband and now my son says) Conner, for the most part, has been a well-mannered baby and kid. He’s pretty quiet and cautious. He doesn’t say things to people if he doesn’t have to and he was pretty easy to control (as easy as it is to “control” kids). If only that were the end of the story . . .

So Logan turns 1 on Saturday and he and I go to the grocery store 4 days later, suddenly I am the mom of that kid who is screaming at the top of his lungs for no good reason. He’s just bored, or he would like to hold the carton of eggs – I don’t think so! Occasionally I would hand him an item that couldn’t be mangled thinking that would appease him. Nope, he would just throw it on the ground and scream some more. Oh, it was fun :-)! Is this a usual symptom of turning one?

I am totally sympathetic to parents of these “louder” children! And believe me, once he is old enough to understand, he will no longer provide such wonderful background noise for our fellow patrons.

Enjoy a small sample of just how loud this little guy’s voice can be!


One thought on “* Young Yeller *

  1. I understand your pain. Lily is not a loud child but she is extremely stubborn. It is also an adventure in the store and I am often looked at. I wish I could say it gets easier but since she is walking it has only created more problems. I wish you the best of luck!

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