* Bubby Day *

* Logan’s birthday invite*

Honestly, I cannot believe this day has come. And I approach this day with very mixed emotions. When Logan came into our lives 1 year ago, I was so excited to have him. The next few months were not easy. Logan was not what you consider an “easy” baby. He was colicky, had reflux, and was just a fussy little guy. I remember saying I couldn’t wait for him to turn one, now I am sad that he is one and that I didn’t enjoy his babyhood quite enough! Lucky for me, I feel like he is much more a baby at this age than Conner was. He is still basically bald, only has 2 little bottom teeth, and doesn’t crawl or roll (don’t be alarmed this is normal for McNamee children). I am slowly learning that just because something doesn’t go as easy as I want it to doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be grateful for it. Logan has given me so much to be thankful for . . . a short history:

* 1 day old *

It took Dave and I about 4 years to get pregnant with Conner. We hoped it wouldn’t take as long the second time around, but unfortunately it did. I feel like we were almost more desperate the second time because we wanted to give Conner a sibling. Just like with Conner, the discovery that I was pregnant with Logan came as a bit of a surprise (although we were suspicious but couldn’t fathom taking another pregnancy test).

* 3 months old *

The pregnancy was not easy, but better than with Conner because we knew what to expect. In fact it gave me hope that I could do it again (I did not feel this way after Conner, but of course forgot)! Logan’s due date was actually October 14th and I had come about a week early with Conner, but we certainly were not expecting him 3 weeks early. The labor also went well – so much more smoothly than with Conner. I once again, had an unmedicated birth with the assistance of a doula and it was once again an amazing experience!

* 6 months old *

Okay, I could go on….but let’s fast forward to now! Logan is the most adorable, smart, creative, and happy little fella! He is such a delight to our family. Even though his first year wasn’t the easiest I know we all appreciate his presence and none of us can imagine our family with our little bubby! Some of his most recent accomplishments include: signing more, waving Hi & Bye-bye, pointing to his nose, and sometimes his toes, clapping, shaking, splashing, and his signature move: boogying (he basically does a little dance). He’s growing more hair every day and we were honestly surprised his teeth came before his birthday. He enjoys being on his tummy more and we think crawling is really close, although we’re not worried at all. For now he loves to play on the floor. His favorite thing is to put a smaller cup inside a bigger one and shake them. He also LOVES slowly pushing things onto the floor and watching them – smart cookie!

* 9 months old *

I love his sweet, but opinionated disposition and am grateful he came into my life at a time that I feel I was ready to learn some important lessons which he is helping me with!

Happy 1st Birthday!


2 thoughts on “* Bubby Day *

  1. Also Logan is not usually cross-eyed, it was just a trick he did for a while when he brought something close to his face.

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