* I am Woman *

See me can!

Our trip through Brigham City rendered me nearly 2 bushels of peaches and after stating that I refused to can this year, guess how I spent ALL day Saturday? Dave and Conner attended the BYU game (our U of U fan was that desperate to watch football in real life). And luckily Megan was available to help me in my endeavor. Here is a rundown of what came out of my kitchen and the many, many peaches (all photos are courtesy of Conner):

12 quarts of peaches.
This year I didn’t want them to be in heavy syrup, so each jar only has 1 TBS of sugar in it. I do what I can to cut out all this unnecessary sugar! I also have to give a shout to Dave for helping me with this particular process – he’s a great canner!

4 quarts of peach syrup.
This was a new recipe to me, but I wanted to try it because it utilizes the peels and soft spots that you are throwing away anyway.

18 + jars of peach jalapeno jelly!
Also a new recipe, but well worth the time. My shout out here goes to Meggie…..for enduring the pain associated with cutting 14 jalapenos without gloves. We learned our lesson – ALWAYS wear gloves! This jelly is tasty serve over cream cheese with crackers.

Also not pictured are 9 quarts of frozen peach cocktail. Many bags of just frozen peaches (for my little Logan) and I still have 1/4 box left – whew!

I’m so glad Meggie was here to entertain Logan and she was able to capture this new face that he has been making – we love it! He does a fake laugh along with it which is just hilarious.


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