* Girls will be Girls *

And so the tradition continues. This past weekend celebrated the 4th anniversary of the Girls Getaway! I am lucky to have a great group of friends – not just friends, but friends from high school. We get together once a month to have what we call Dinner Group. We take turns hosting and preparing the main dish, the rest of us bring food to share. It is so fun and great to have a night off!

Once a year we skip the dinner night and head off on an overnighter. It just happens to be in September and we all love it! For the past 4 years we’ve gone to Park City, but are considering expanding our horizons next year (check back in ’09 to see where we ended up)!

Below are some highlights from our almost 30 hours together. Be forewarned that these pictures are for the enjoyment of those who were there :-)! They do not and should not make any sense to the naked eye…..we were away from hubbies, children, and jobs so you know it can get a little crazy!

Here we are at our place. We actually had a reservation at a different place, but had to go to a different complex to pick up the key and were very impressed with this locale, so we asked if they had any openings and they did – it was a nice place and for the first time ever we all had our own bed!

One of the benefits of this new place was the hot tub. The only problem: none of us had brought our swimsuits. Our solution: head to the outlets and search high and low for the cheapest possibility. We ended with some tank tops and shorts that were super cheap – not super cute, but cheap!

We added a new feature to this year’s get-away. We decided to do some “how-to” classes. I was asked to demonstrated my cookie dough truffles, so here’s my anxious audience.

Our next activity was a sewing one. Brit taught us how to make these darling water bottle holders (of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but they were way cute and useful)!

Another tradition we have is socks! It all started with the first year when it was MUCH cooler than any of us had anticipated. Most of had not brought socks, but our toesies were chilly so when we stopped at the grocery store Jo ran in and bought everyone socks. In the subsequent years someone has volunteered to bring the socks for that year and we are NEVER disappointed – aren’t this years awesome!

A rousing game of Speed Scrabble. If I remember correctly this was happening at about 1:30 am! Somehow we were all able to think. Laur was busy snapping photos! (Jo & I are wearing our newly crafter water bottle holders).

We had SO much food! And this picture illustrates what a great time we had!

After a busy day of shopping, eating, movie-watching, more shopping and eating we ended up at the park and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play another round of Speed Scrabble.

It was a wonderful weekend. We loved shopping without kids, we loved chatting and catching up on each other, and of course just being girls!


7 thoughts on “* Girls will be Girls *

  1. SO fun! I love how you not only got away, but you also had little mini classes! And you continued and started cute traditions. What a wonderful group of friends you have.

    I keep meaning to comment. You have some great thoughts and things to share. Yeah for Conner in Kindergarten! Hope he continues to do well! I’m off to make some of those cookie dough truffles! 🙂

  2. Fun time! I am glad you had your camera, I suppose next time we should try harder for better pics. he he. I laugh at us. Especially when you get the giggles at 2:16am. Thank you for being a friend. 🙂

  3. Glad you girls had fun. Us boys had fun without mom, but we were glad to get you back. and I love the new left justified post!!

  4. looks like fun. i have a group of friend i do that with. it is great.
    when are we going to lunch? you, your mom, me, and lisa? it would be fun.

  5. Looks like you guys had fun! I’m glad to be back and have a different schedule than before so I can start doing Dinner Group again. I’ve only made it to one this year. October’s at my house!

  6. I also had tons of fun and can’t wait for next year! I am so glad you had your camera out for Laurie to take pictures.

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