* Surfing *

I’m not much of a blog surfer. Frankly, I just don’t have time and on those rare occasions that I have allowed myself to get sucked in, I always feel so horrible afterwards because I usually have just wasted an enormous amount of time.

With that said, I came across a few amazing blogs today. Actually I was already familiar with them but had forgotten about them. These blogs are written by some amazing women. They are all examples to me. They are all so positive, happy, honest, firm in their beliefs and fantastic writers. These are the kind of blogs that captivate me and they remind of what I want my blog to be when it grows up!

This blog has actually been featured on the Today Show. The author and her husband were in a plane crash about a month ago and suffered severe burns. They are currently in the hospital, so her blog is reruns and/or tidbits from her sister. There are several blogs around the world working on raising money for this little family – amazing what the blogging world can do.

This next one is the sister from the previous blog. She is so creative and funny! She tells the best stories and is so honest.

This last one I love. This mother just lost her 14 month old baby a few months ago. I love that she has posted her feelings, triumphs, and disappointments on her blog. She has an amazing testimony and I can just feel the love she has for her life and family!

The final thing that I appreciate about these blogs, is the fact that all these women are LDS. They are sharing their thoughts, testimonies and views with the whole world, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have already sparked an interest in our religion. Enjoy!


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