* Piggies *

We had the cutest, most creative Enrichment Activity last night so I just had to post it (partly to have it documented in case I ever need to refer to it – never can be too prepared). It was based off of the 5 Little Piggies nursery rhyme, so here’s how it went down:

-This Little Piggy went to Market:
We had a swap meet. We were told to bring something(s) that we wouldn’t mind giving away/swapping. AKA something that was on its way to the DI (Deseret Industries). And then we could pick something to take. I have to say that I came away with much more than I brought. My biggest score was a HUGE bucket of Legos which Conner loves and has been busy with all day!

– This Little Piggy stayed home:
After the swap meet, we sat down and enjoyed a short presentation on having a more peaceful and happy home. Three women from our ward were asked to share their thoughts on the subject and then they opened it up to questions – we were all welcome to ask questions and/or share our thoughts. Very insightful.

– This Little Piggy had roast beef:
We had a dinner of French Dip sandwiches and salad.

– This Little Piggy had none: She had none because she didn’t save and budget. So, we had a woman from the ward share her tips on budgeting and saving money on our shopping. She is the queen of finding good deals and proud of it. It was fun to hear what she does to save her family money.

– This Little Piggy went “Oui, Oui, Oui” all the way home:
We wrapped things up and were given crepes to eat as we were leaving!

It was so creative and fun!


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