* There’s a first time for everything *

It’s been a day of FIRSTS, so I simply must share:

– Most importantly, to my 5 year old, Conner beat Bowser on Mario Galaxy. For a long time he didn’t think he was good enough to play and certainly not good enough to beat Bowser, so this was a HUGE first in his life (and I have to admit I was quite proud as well)!

– Logan is FINALLY getting his FIRST tooth. He was crying this afternoon and I could have sworn I saw a little something, so I reached in and felt around. Sure enough I felt it. I put him down for his nap and was so excited to have Dave feel it when he got home (he’s been asking when that kid is going to get teeth for months now). When he got up from his nap, the tooth had disappeared. Honestly, can that really happen? Tonight it is back, so that’s a big thing for us!

– I also experienced a first myself. How many times in my life have I run into something and had the excrutiating pain in my toes that goes along with that? Well, this morning I ran into the bench by my bed and YIP it hurt like you wouldn’t believe, but I didn’t think anything of it . . . . until I realized my foot was throbbing and tingly. I looked down and could see a bump on the side of my pinky toe. I touched it and it felt like a bone, so now we believe my toe is either broken or at least dislocated. I can only walk on the inside of my foot – fun!
(I am taking suggestions and/or an information on what can be done for this little injury. All the research I have done, and discussing with others, leads me to believe there is nothing I can do. But there is a bone protruding, so I’m slightly concerned)!!!

– Dave had two firsts. He received his first check as a self-employed fella (also completed his third week of self-employment). Secondly, he is currently making banana bread for the first time in his life (as a favor to me since I can’t stand too terribly comfortably)!

Exciting times!


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