* Taking advantage *

Since Conner had his little “fake out” and Kindergarten doesn’t really start until next week I decided to take advantage of this time and do some fun activities while the crowds would be minimal.

Riding the Alpine Coaster in Park City. Honestly, I didn’t think Conner would do it because it is up high and has the possibility of going fast. I didn’t tell Conner much about it, other than it would be fun. When he and Dave got back, he was SO excited and asked to do it again! I really wanted to go with him, but didn’t want to fork out another $24 bucks so maybe another time!

I took the boys to this great Castle Park. It was SO nice! The temperature was perfect, and there was really nobody there. Conner had the best time playing with a group of boys who all just met at the playground. It was cute to see these boys who didn’t know each other running around playing games. They never even found out one anothers names, but somehow that didn’t matter they all got along and knew who was talking to them when 🙂!
Logan and I enjoyed a snack and talking with a neighbor who also showed up!

We did some other fun stuff this week and I have to admit it was nice to know that I had just decided this week would be about fun! Now we’ll start with the schedule and get down to Kindergarten business!


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