* Fake Out *

Today was Conner’s first day of Kindergarten. Well, his official first day, but not really. It consisted of he and I going to his classroom along with all the other kids and parents. They found their desk, did an art project, had a treat, got to know their teacher and classroom, and then went on a tour of the school with the principal while the parents stayed in the classroom and got the low-down on Kindergarten.
Conner goes back later this week for testing, and then starts attending school for real next week. It’s kind of a bummer, because Conner is SO excited for school. He has been counting down for 3 weeks now, so obviously he would rather just keep going all this week. He told Dave and I that he wished he go to Kindergarten all his life because he just loves it!

Ready or not – so begins our life in the public school system . . . . .

Conner excitedly drawing his self-portrait. He found his desk and pencil box and so far his favorite item is the pencil/crayon sharpener. I think he spent more time sharpening his (brand new) crayons than actually coloring with them!


4 thoughts on “* Fake Out *

  1. Only 12, 16, or more years of school to go! Can’t believe your conner is in kindergarden. Where does the time go?

  2. thats my boy! can’t believe the kid is old enough to be in kindergarten. we both get to draw in school it looks like

  3. Wow crazy that you have one in school. I know I don’t have one yet in school but it’s crazy to think that my friend’s do.

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