* Blogging Blues *

I love blogging. I love reading others blogs. I love finding new people and stuff through blogging. Strangely, I haven’t felt like blogging lately – sorry! I think with how late I’ve been up watching the Olympics and some other “stuff” going on in life, I’ve just been tuckered out :-)!
The Olympics are coming to an end (good thing, because I’ve pretty frustrated with the judging of the Women’s Gymnastics) so I think I can return to reality and blog once again. . . stay tuned for something!

On a side note:
Speaking of the Olympics, may I just ask what is up with the attire of some of these sports? Is it really possible to play better beach volleyball while wearing underwear (Dave and I refer to it as “naked volleyball”)? And have you seen the swimsuits on those women Water Polo players? Something tells me it doesn’t make a huge difference what you wear. Have you seen the female Muslim sprinter who is completely covered (literally from head to toe)? I love the Olympics, and Conner has thoroughly enjoyed them (he always points out how many Americans are competing), but I don’t want to feel uncomfortable having him watch them. Sad how something so seemingly innocent is slowly becoming less.
On a less opinionated note:
There have been so many amazing moments at the Olympics. Laura Wilkinson’s last dive, the kayaker from Togo who got that country’s first ever medal, of course Michael Phelps, and many others!


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